A Little About Ann

Hi, My name is Ann Clews. 

I have been a Christian for over thirty years. I live in Perth, Australia, with my husband, Adrian, in the beautiful Swan Valley. Between us, we have four children and three grandchildren. Since becoming a Christian, I have enjoyed serving in local churches and community organisations in full-time, part-time and volunteer roles. 

I am theologically trained ( BMin, MTH ) and accredited as a Baptist Pastor. I have worked as a pastor, school chaplain, community chaplain, an events co-ordinator and been very involved with music ministry and leading small groups. I currently combine study with itinerant ministry across different denominations.

The picture on the right, is a picture of me sitting by Lake Galilee a few years ago. My apologies for the sunglasses, if ever I pass this way again I will take them off for a photo! However, I particularly wanted to use this picture because of the location and because it was where the disciples were one day in a boat and struggling because the wind was against them. 

Yet amid the wind and the waves Jesus approaches the disciples and reassures them that he is with them and tells them not to fear. 

Sometimes we find ourselves in unexpected storms. Sometimes the wind changes direction, and we find ourselves moving in unexpected directions or drifting aimlessly with no land in sight. Yet, I have learned that Jesus always knows where we are, what we need and more importantly, Jesus assures us that we are not alone or without his help.