Aim And Purpose


1. To provide a point of connection for women in the church and to encourage each other.  

2. To provide links to resources and services that I or others have found helpful.

3. To retain an inter-denominational focus and to ensure that Christ remains central by respecting and honouring God's sovereignty in how we are all placed in the body of Christ as The Spirit determines. 

4. To provide a safe space for healthy discussion while not trying to change anyone's views that may be different from my own. 

5. To provide a link to my research for anyone who may be interested in following the journey. 


As I reflect on the journey of my life, it has been complex. There have been many twists and turns, and in the midst of what to me seemed impossible circumstances, I heard God's voice telling me I was a pastor. That was now over twenty years ago.

In response, I began theological studies and began to navigate an unclear path believing that God would direct my steps, but not being sure of the destination.

The combination of practical ministry experience and a sense of God changing my direction has once again led me into new waters and research on the topic of women in the church. Both my own story and hearing the stories of others alerted me to the need for this research. 

The research I completed in 2019 as an extension of my master's degree (see research paper page) has enabled me to commence PhD research which I hope to start in 2020. 

Therefore, Encouraging Women In The Church aims to establish a point of contact where the unfolding story of research and ministry merge as God directs. 

As I am very aware that the topic I am researching can stimulate a high level of emotion and there are different views regarding the role of women in the church, I have stated my aim and purpose to try and avoid misunderstanding. 

I have no intention of wanting to encourage disunity or of wanting to push my view so that others will come around to my way of thinking. Each of us must respond to God in faith and obedience following our conviction. However, I have learnt that God directs us to reason together in love for His good purpose. It is therefore essential for us all to be aware of the views on this topic and to examine them carefully, so that any differences may not become hindrances to the gospel being made known. 

I look forward to journeying with you.