Reading Material

Some of the books and journal articles I have read for research:

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Beeson, T., 2011, The Church’s Other Half, SCM, London.

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Book reviews

Women In God's Mission

I found this book written by Mary Lederleitner, published by Intervarsity,  an excellent read that is easy to understand and yet profound in the insights it offers. 

The book contains a summary of her PHD research insights from listening to the real stories of women who have remained faithful to serve in leadership roles the midst of challenges. Mary provides her insights into what makes these women stand out and in what ways they offer a best practice model based on their desire to build the kingdom of God through their leadership gifts and talents.

Mary doesn't shy away from the difficult question of gender discrimination that the women she interviewed have all experienced in some way, but follows their lead in focussing on how they have overcome and been resilient so that the purposes of God are fulfilled in their lives and ministries.

At the end of each chapter Mary has included some questions that would contribute towards healthy discussion as part of group or individual study i.e What do you think about the idea that "it's not about you" but rather success is following God and obeying him?


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